Amethyst Gemstone Tree

Amethyst Gemstone Tree


These Indian Gemstone Trees are handmade from real gemstones and mounted on gemstone rock bases.


he branches can be artfully arranged, and naturally, they never need pruning or watering!


The Traveller's Stone


Amethyst is known as the traveller's stone as it is said to provide protection when your away from home. This is a perfect first stone for you as it has so many uses.


Emotional Benefits: Amethyst can sooth emotional situations bringing a sense of calm over you so that you can view these clearly.


Astrology: Associated with the planet Neptune and it is the birthstone for Aquarius


Numerology: Vibrates with the number 3


Amethyst creates an ultraviolet bubble of protective light around people and spaces, and it is extremely helpful for insomnia and nightmares.

160 stones per tree on average

Average Weight: 390- 404g 

Average Height: 16cm