Carnelian’s gifts lie in igniting energising flames under you in a myriad of magical ways.


It helps anchor you in the present reality, aiding concentration and willpower, allowing you to trust yourself and your perceptions.


It aids in building confidence, courage, passion, and power.

Carnelian encourages you to stop waiting for your dreams to come true and to make them happen.


This is also a fantastic immune boosting stone so keep it close during the cold and flu season.


It is also great to have in the kitchen, keep a few pieces in your fridge or cupboards to add some extra vitality to your food.


Carnelian was prized by the ancient Egyptians and many others for good reason. It’s warm, inviting and joyous energy attunes with the inner self helping to open the heart.


Carnelian Raw

  • Crystal: Carnelian

    Average Stone Size: 3cm-4cm

    Colour:Fiery shades of orange, red and brown

    Chakras: Sacral, root, solar plexus 

    Water Cleansing: Yes


    Each Sold Separately


    Each crystal that comes out of the ground is unique in its own way, you will never find two the same, this does mean that colours, shapes and sizes vary and by nature crystals do have imperfections.