Fuchsite links the intellect of the mind with the intelligence of the heart. It can help you to understand your interactions with others and deal with issues of servitude, helping you to only do what is necessary for someone else’s soul growth.


It teaches true self worth. It can direct us to the most holistic action to take and can open you to receive guidance on health matters and well being.

Fuchsite is a stone of renewal and regeneration, imparting resilience after trauma or emotional tension.


It is thought to intensify and facilitate the transfer of energy from other minerals and increase flexibility in the body.

Fuchsite Rough Green

  • Crystal: Fuschite

    Average Stone Size:4 - 6 cm

    Average Stone Weight: 38g-65g

    Colour: Green

    Chakra: Heart

    Care: Fades in direct sunlight

    Water Cleansing: No

    Sold Separately


    Each crystal that comes out of the ground is unique in its own way, you will never find two the same, this does mean that colours, shapes and sizes vary and by nature crystals do have imperfections.