The Rose aura quartz has a gentle energy that is inspiring but not overwhelming.


It also gives off a great frequency that will stimulate the heart chakra and the pineal gland to transform extremely held worries about self-confidence. 


Rose aura quartz can provide youthful energies that will fill your heart with joy. It will also help you in achieving what you want in your life.


This stone will allow you to be sympathetic natured and creates a nice impression on the people who surround you. 

Rose Aura Quartz Cut Base Point Small

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  • Crystal: Rose Aura Quartz

    Average Stone Size: 6.5cm x5cm

    Average Stone Weight: 173g

    Colour: Pale Pink

    Chakras: Heart

    Care: Fades in direct sunlight

    Water Cleansing: Yes

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    Each crystal that comes out of the ground is unique in its own way, you will never find two the same, this does mean that colours, shapes and sizes vary and by nature crystals do have imperfections.