The Traveller's Stone


Amethyst is known as the traveller's stone as it is said to provide protection when your away from home. This is a perfect first stone for you as it has so many uses.


Emotional Benefits: Amethyst can sooth emotional situations bringing a sense of calm over you so that you can view these clearly.


Astrology: Associated with the planet Neptune and it is the birthstone for Aquarius


Numerology: Vibrates with the number 3
Amethyst creates an ultraviolet bubble of protective light around people and spaces, and it is extremely helpful for insomnia and nightmares.


What you will receive in this box:

An Amethyst Spiral Pendant in a gift box

A 10ml bottle of our Sensual Essential Oils Blend

A lava stone solar system bracelet

A piece of amethyst cluster


Each crystal that comes out of the ground is unique in its own way, you will never find two the same, this does mean that colours, shapes and sizes vary and by nature crystals do have imperfections.

Amethyst Box With Spiral Pendant

  • How to use these items

    • Wear your necklace pendant as you normally would, you will find a leaflet on how to care for your crystals in this box.
    • Our Sensual Essential Oils Blend contains patchouli, juniper berry and ylang ylang, these oils help boost your libido. Ylang Ylang is widely used as an aphrodisiac in the aromatherapy world.
    • You can take a relaxing bath with this oil, place a few drops of oil on your feet or your palms or use oil burners to diffuse oil throughout the room.
    • As this product is made of pure essential oil blends for those with sensitive skin we recommend diluting this with a base oil before applying it directly to your skin.
    • The lava stone bracelet can be worn on your wrist, for an added experience add 1-2 drops of your sensual essential oils to the beads and rub it in. Then, enjoy aromatherapy all day with this beautiful jewellery.
    • Last but not least, place your piece of Amethyst on an alter or anywhere in your home such as next to your bed or in your living room on a mantle piece, you can also hold this in your hand to manifest your intention.